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Diakinisis S.A., founded in 1977, is the largest 3PL (3rd party logistics) provider in Greece with the highest market share 11% (ICAP 2022). The company maintains and evolves a large multinational and Greek customer base. Diakinisis distributes annually over 1.3M deliveries on a 24h basis throughout Greece; with a fleet of 300 certified vehicles, Diakinisis provides the most integrated service of product distribution throughout the country, ensuring a quick, safe, and reliable delivery.

Diakinisis is committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the logistics industry, aiming at leveraging cutting-edge technology and creative thinking to provide customers with the best possible logistics solutions. Respective innovation vision and digital transformation plan, and actions, are centered around four key pillars: (a) Customer-centric approach; (b) technology-driven solutions; (c) Sustainability; and (d) Agility and Flexibility.

Following this vision, DIAKINISIS participates in DEDICAT 6G project focusing contributions to use cases and requirements as well as demonstration activities around Smart Warehousing. Diakinisis applying our deep knowledge in warehouse operation was involved in the formation of specific scenarios which were identified as being of particular interest as innovation and connectivity can be expected to improve productivity and the level of service in these areas/use cases. Moreover, Diakinisis contributed to the identification and analysis of business and functional requirements as well as the respective KPIs.

In addition to the above, Diakinisis provided the necessary facilities to enable execution of pilot and validation activities related to the smart warehousing scenario and is actively engaged in the validation process to provide feedback during the experiments and to confirm the final attainable performance is satisfactory.

Figure 1: Diakinisis Warehouse

Smart Warehousing is a pertinent ecosystem, where quite a few operations may be optimized by utilizing innovative equipment such as AGVs and IoT and corresponding software applications for their coordination, featuring AI and XR technologies, and this requires a high level of connectivity as investigated in DEDICAT 6G.

In the DEDICAT 6G, Diakinisis participates in “Smart Warehousing” Use case, which includes, testing novel approaches for selected warehouse operations having taken into account legacy technological equipment and real data deduced from Diakinisis WMS. This way, Diakinisis works at the leading edge of smart warehousing activities in Greece.

Figure 2: Smart Warehousing setup and stories.

A number of drivers and trends in T&L (Transport & Logistics) segment are investigated by DIAKINISIS, including utilization of robots and machines (for better handling warehouse inventory management procedures), mobile-first strategy for last-mile delivery, blockchain, AI and data predictive analytics. Moreover, DEDICAT 6G objectives related to advanced AI-based security and privacy protection with blockchain based trust management platform, trust building related to smart warehousing and T&L operations are of high interest for DIAKINISIS. The role of 5G and beyond is crucial in the efficient deployment of smart warehouse equipment and applications, as it provides the necessary networking services in terms of bitrate, network stability and security. Although, today, several network types are operational within Diakinisis warehouses it is expected that 5G/6G will provide a unique and efficient networking environment for smart warehouse operations.